Aquabot Turbo Classic Review

The Aquabot Turbo Classic is a robot pool cleaner that is more than capable of cleaning your in-ground pool. With its built-in timer, you can customize the Turbo Classic to perform a quick clean, or run through a complete and thorough cycle.

Gripping the surface of any type of pool with its strong G-Tooth Drive Tracks, the Turbo Classic navigates its way up along waterlines and walls as it cleans. It can filter up to 4200 gallons of water per hour and captures dirt and debris ranging from large foliage down to contaminant at the 2-micron level.

You can use your Aquabot Turbo Classic right out of the box as no installation is required. Included with the robot is a 60’ cable, a filter bag with 23-quart capacity, and a power supply. The Turbo Classic provides you the convenience of a complete and thorough pool cleaning at the touch of a button.

Aquabot Turbo Classic Features

  • 60’ swivel cable
  • Drive motor propulsion
  • Digital timer with auto-shut off
  • Weighs 17 lbs
  • Fine filter bag
  • Weather resistant power supply
  • Processes 70 gallons per minute
  • Cleans floor, incline, walls, and waterline
  • 2-year limited warranty

Product Highlights

Superior materials

The Aquabot Turbo Classic is constructed of excellent corrosion-proof materials. Its total assembly is made up of just a few moving parts – less than ten total. Creating a robot pool cleaner with few moving parts helps reduce wear and tear and contributes to a longer shelf life for the Turbo Classic.

High-quality built-in filtration system

Aquabot has given the Turbo Classic the ability to purify and clean thousands of gallons of water each hour. This robot pool cleaner comes equipped with a large, reusable filter bag which has the ability to not only hold large debris like twigs and leaves but can also filter finer particles like bacteria, sand, and silt. When the bag is full, it can easily be removed, rinsed and reinserted into the Turbo Classic.

Long lasting, heavy-duty front and rear scrub brushes

These dual scrubbing brushes found at both ends of the Turbo Classic help eliminate even the most difficult to remove dirt particles. Once it loosens up the debris, the robot sucks it up and traps it in its filter bag. The Turbo vacuums up dirt along the floor, walls, and waterline in your pool with its powerful suction capabilities.

Aqualogic Functionality

With its Aqualogic Technology, the Turbo Classic doesn’t require human interference, which means you don’t have to monitor to it as it goes about its cleaning cycle. Unlike other cleaners, the Aquabot Turbo Classic uses its Aqualogic functionality to prevent from getting stuck.

Chemical distribution

Thanks to the high-powered pumping action of the Turbo Classic, the water at the bottom of your pool is circulated with the surface water. This helps to raise the overall temperature in the water, which saves on heating costs. It also evenly distributes the chemicals in your pool which might normally settle on the pool floor.

No installation required

Using your Aquabot Turbo Classic is as easy as setting your robot into the pool, plugging it in, and pushing the start button. It will do the rest on its own. This robot pool cleaner is one of the easiest and safest cleaners on the market today.

Wide range adjustable timer

The Aquabot Turbo Classic includes an adjustable timer that can be set with a range from one up to seven hours. You can select the amount of time you want the robot to clean your pool, that way when you’re ready to go for a swim, it’s nice and clean.

Auto-reverse capabilities

With the Turbo Classic’s auto-reverse feature, the robot has the ability to clean edges and corners without being interrupted by obstacles like stairs or ladders. With its programming, the Turbo Classic efficiently scrubs and filters your swimming pool until it’s sparkling.

Climbs walls with ease

Some robot pool cleaners have conditions which preclude them from climbing certain types of walls. For instance, some only climb walls if the transition is curved and smooth. With the Aquabot Turbo Classic, there are no restrictions or conditions. It can climb up a wall with a 90-degree transition if necessary, making it a great option for any in-ground pool.

Pros of the Aquabot Turbo Classic

  • Easy installation and operation
  • Safe and efficient
  • High-quality materials
  • Convenient timer and run features
  • Low maintenance
  • No human interaction requires
  • Rarely gets stuck
  • High-quality cleaning that saves on time and money

Cons of the Aquabot Turbo Classic

  • Only works with in-ground pools
  • No remote control
  • Bottom access filter not as convenient as other pool cleaners

What Others Are Saying

Users of the Aquabot Turbo Classic are split with their reviews of the robot pool cleaner. Many boast about the device, stating that it delivers on what it promises. It cleans their pools thoroughly, and to their complete satisfaction. Several enjoy the fact that its plug and play, and that they can just press a button and forget about the cleaner.

On the other hand, there are just as many who complain about the longevity of the Turbo Classic. They complain that the cleaner begins to show signs of wear after just a few months, and will not pick up the dirt and debris it did during earlier cleanings. A few others voice dissatisfaction with the rubber track stretching and no longer fitting on the Turbo Classic.

Should You Consider the Aquabot Turbo Classic?

The bottom line is that the Aquabot Turbo Classic is not the perfect robot pool cleaner, but it’s the ideal one for all types of pool, no matter the size. It is safe and convenient, and the vast majority of the time you’re going to be satisfied with how clean your pool is.

Cleaning out the filter could be easier, and a remote would be nice to have with a robot pool cleaner, but going with the Aquabot Turbo Classic will result in a top-notch performance. It’s lightweight and efficient, so if you’re looking for a robot pool cleaner, the Aquabot Turbo Classic isn’t a bad option.