Aquabot Pool Rover S2-40 Review

If the thought of having to clean your pool regularly prevents you from using it as much as you would like to, then keep reading this Aquabot Pool Rover S2 40 review. This robotic pool cleaner is designed to make pool cleaning quick, easy and fuss-free. Not only does it get rid of visible dirt and debris but it also has a self-filtration system that leaves the water purer after it has completed its cleaning cycle.

Generally we liked this product, but we did have a few frustrations with it which we will reveal later in the review.

Features At A Glance

• Designed to clean above-ground pools, flat-bottomed pools of all shapes including oval, round, rectangle, L-shaped and kidney-shaped
• Cleans all pool surfaces including fiberglass, vinyl, concrete and tile
• Capable of cleaning up to 4,800 square feet per hour and filtering approximately 4,200 – 5,000 gallons per hour
• High suction power that picks up all debris from the pool floor
• 40’ tangle-free power cord that plugs into any standard outlet
• Weighs 10.5 lbs
• Equipped with Hydro-robotic technology
• Wheels are non-marring with improved tread for better traction
• Comes with a reusable filter bag that removes particles as small as 2 microns
• 1 and 2 hour timer settings
• Automatic shut-off after 2 hours

The patented swivel system if the S2 40 prevents the cord from kinking or tangling for optimum convenience and cleaning. This is a big plus-point with this particular model.

The lightweight, sleek design combined with the kink-free cord makes this pool cleaner easy to handle outside the pool while also allowing for flexible movement inside the pool. No need to struggle with it or waste time fussing over it either before or after use.

Its higher suction and filtration abilities ensure super-fast cleaning. The S2 40 takes about an hour to clean smaller pools and about 2 hours to clean larger sized pools. It can be programmed to turn at intervals to ensure that it cleans the entire pool floor without going back over the areas that it has already cleaned. Keep in mind though that it will not clean the entire wall surface of the pool. It is limited to cleaning just a lower portion of the walls.

Despite its many advantages, the cleaner has one major drawback that causes users a lot of frustration. You have to manually set the locking pin in the front axle before using the pool cleaner and manually remove it after you take it out of the water. Moreover the pin location must be changed after every cleaning cycle. It’s easy to do so that’s not the frustrating part. However, if you forget to do this, the overall performance and efficiency of the device decreases drastically.

Although it is very rare, users have reported that their pool cleaner flipped on its back a couple of times presumably after hitting the pool wall.

Features That Need Special Mention

NeverStuck™ Rollers –
The S2 40 is fitted with NeverStuck™ rollers. These rollers boost the pool cleaner’s maneuverability so it can easily go around large obstacles and over humps such as in-ground drains. Meanwhile, the non-marring wheels glide over the surface without marking or damaging it.

Adjustable Vacuum Ports – The device has additional adjustable vacuum ports that enhance its suction power so it can remove even the smallest size particles hiding in hard-to-reach places. Think corners, cracks and wrinkles in your pool liner.

Finest Filtration – The S2 40 is capable of filtering down to 2 microns, which reduces the amount of chemicals you need significantly. This is always great news as you never want to use more chemicals than is absolutely necessary. While chemicals are used to purify the water in the pool, overuse can cause serious side effects.
Large capacity, easily accessible filter bags – The two large-capacity filter bags can be easily accessed from the top. They use a nylon mesh fabric that collects debris of all sizes, from larger leaves and stems right down to soil, sand and tiny algae.

Money saving features
Of course, everyone wants money-saving features in any equipment they purchase, and this Aquabot has several.

1) The automatic shut off turns the cleaner off after 2 hours of operation so it does not keep on going unnecessarily.

2) The wide wheels have a 2 inch ground clearance that allows it to move quickly and easily even over an irregular pool floor or any raised obstacle in its path so it is not wasting time struggling with these issues while it is operational.

3) Its advanced filtration and water circulation capability means you save up to 30% on your total chemical usage.

• 100% plug and play
• Innovative swivel device prevents the cord from tangling
• Ultrafine filter traps dirt and debris up to 2 microns
• Non-marring wheels that do not damage the pool surface
• Wide wheels with a 2” ground clearance allow it to go around any obstacle without struggling
• Energy-saving automatic shut off mechanism
• Easy to wash filter bags

• Limited wall cleaning ability
• Motor replacement can be expensive
• Requires user to manually set the locking pin at the front axle to stop the cable from twisting while it is in operation. The pin location must also be changed after each cleaning cycle. Failure to do this can drastically lower the unit’s efficiency.
• The plastic pins for adjusting the wheels are not as durable as expected and can break far too easily.

What Others Are Saying
On the whole, buyers are happy with their purchase. They love the fact that there is no complicated setting up and that the cleaner is lightweight and easy to use, especially with the tangle-free cord, which could otherwise be the source of major frustration. Its super efficiency is something that most users have commented on.

Is the Pool Rover S2 40 for you?
Going by the reviews by other users, this is a great automatic pool cleaner for anyone that has an above-ground, flat-bottomed pool of any shape. It is easy-to-use, efficient and offers outstanding value for money.