Aquabot Pool Rover Junior Review

Maintaining your swimming pool takes lots of effort and dedication, and cleaning it can be difficult if you let it go too long. If you have an above ground pool and you’re looking for a good way to keep it pristine, take a look at the Aquabot Pool Rover Jr. This pool cleaner gets a lot of love as an efficient above ground cleaner. It can clean your pool in less than an hour, which allows you to spend less time messing with dirt and debris and more time enjoying your pool.

Aquabot Pool Rover Jr Features

  • Cleans 70 gallons per minute
  • For above ground pools
  • Timer for 2 or 3 hours
  • Filters to 2-microns
  • 40’ cable
  • Non-marring wheels
  • 1-year warranty
  • 10.6 lbs
  • Floor cleaning only

Product Highlights

40-foot cable

The Aquabot Pool Jr includes a 40-foot power cable in its packaging. Part of the cable is Aquabot’s 360-degree swivel functionality that prevents the cable from getting twisted and tangled. This is handy since it keeps the pool cleaner from spinning around in circles or getting stuck in one spot due to the cord knotting up.

Excellent filtration system

Aquabot has a great filtration system that collects dirt, debris, leaves, pebbles, small bits of plastic, and algae. The Pool Rover Jr can filter particles down to 2 microns, a fantastic feature considering that the robot cleaner is considered entry level.

Several other entry level robot cleaners don’t have an independent filtration system option. Most just funnel the dirt and debris to your external filter, which most commonly is the filter on your pool. The drawback with the Rover Jr is that the filter is only accessible through the bottom. Top access filters are much more convenient and easy to use.

All shapes and surfaces

You can use your Aquabot Pool Rover Jr on any flat-bottomed pool. It will clean oval, round, kidney, rectangular, and L-shaped pools. Additionally, it can be used to clean concrete, fiberglass, tile, and vinyls surfaces.

Quality build

The Aquabot Pool Rover Jr may not be one of the top of the line robot pool cleaners, but it is still a very well built device. The majority of the plastic pieces are high-quality and have the ability to withstand the typical elements and chemicals it will regularly encounter. Sure, it’s not as sturdy and robust as other high-end robot pool cleaners, but for an entry level cleaner, it’s a great option.

Pool cleaning without a hose

With the Pool Rover Jr, there’s no need for a hose. The device itself has an internal filter and pump. You won’t need a booster pump or any external filtration, making it a very convenient robot since you don’t have to make modifications to your property or pool.

There are successful robot cleaners available that make use of external filters and pumps, however, it’s hard to argue going hose-free when it makes things easier and cleaner. You don’t need to mess around with balancing the hose or anything other hassles. Just put your Rover Jr into the pool, turn it on, and away it goes.

Auto shut-off timer

Why have an automatic shut-off timer? Essentially, it’s one less thing you have to monitor. When the Pool Rover Jr completes its current cleaning cycle, it shuts off automatically, so you don’t have to mess with it. This is especially nice as it saves on your energy bill since it won’t keep running long after it has finished cleaning your pool.

Non-marring wheels

The Aquabot Pool Rover Jr cleans your pool quickly, and to ensure that it can move as fast as it needs to, the device has wide-hold non-marring wheels. With a 2-inch clearance, this cleaner won’t get stuck on a drain and has the ability to maintain solid footing on irregular flooring.

Hydro-robotic technology

Using water to propel itself along, the Aquabot Pool Rover Jr moves quickly along the bottom of your pool, cleaning as it goes. Using hydro-robotics means the device has fewer parts -with no drive motors- and also means replacement parts are cheaper.

Pros of the Aquabot Pool Rover Jr

  • Plug and play pool cleaner
  • Swivel cable prevents twisting and tangling
  • High-quality reusable filter traps dirt, leaves, and other debris
  • Automatic shut-off capabilities
  • Non-marring wheels
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Comes with a one-year warranty
  • Free of hoses

Cons of the Aquabot Pool Rover Jr

  • Cleans floor only (does not climb walls)
  • Cannot clean pool surface
  • Above ground pools only
  • Power source is not waterproof

What Others Are Saying

Users who choose to purchase the Aquabot Pool Rover Jr have mixed experiences. Some have great experiences and wouldn’t recommend any other robot pool cleaner, while others have run into challenges and issues, greatly reducing the likelihood they would suggest an Aquabot in the future.

Those with a positive user experience share that the Pool Rover Jr never fails to provide a complete and thorough clean. Many boast of the cleaners ability to pick up sticks, twigs, and leaves without missing a beat while others talk about the longevity and quality of the pool cleaner.

On the other hand, those with negative experiences complain mostly about the cable becoming twisted and tangled despite Aquabot touting that it won’t do so. Other complaints include poor suction, lack of a waterproof power source, and problems with the motor.

Is the Aquabot Pool Rover Jr right for you?

If you have an above ground pool, and you’re in the market for a cleaner, the Aquabot Pool Rover Jr might be for you. When it isn’t having motor trouble, this device does a fantastic job of cleaning your pool and sucking up anything that gets in its way.

With its plug and play capabilities, and its ability to clean down to the 2-micron level, the Aquabot Pool Rover Jr is an amazing option for above ground pools. If you don’t mind that you will probably have to untangle the cord pretty often, the Aquabot Pool Rover Jr might be the above ground pool cleaner for you.