Aquabot Elite RC Review

The Aquabot Elite Robotic Cleaner is a powerful robot with a sleek design. Its performance is head and shoulders above other robotic pool cleaners.

State-of-the-art technology keeps the Aquabot Elite Robotic Cleaner running on a level above all others. It is a device ready to provide a pool cleaning experience like never before.

Aquabot Elite Robotic Features

  • 360-degree anti-tangle swivel
  • Aquasmart 2.0 microprocessor control
  • Lightweight ergonomic design
  • Triple clean scrubbing brushes
  • Programmable timers
  • Rubber tracks with optimized treads
  • Jetforce filter
  • 60 ft. cable
  • Adjustable intake ports
  • Runs only when necessary
  • Multiple cleaning cycles from which to choose
  • 3-year warranty

Product Highlights

Upgraded Mobility & Traction

Aquabot’s Adaptive Surface Traction means this robotic pool cleaner has the ability to grip onto all surfaces no matter what. It includes a pair of energy-efficient motors and thanks to its JetForce technology, the Elite can handle anything you might find in your pool.

Reduced Energy Costs

An ergonomic design and high-quality DC motors means your energy usage is reduced by up to 90%. Hours of engineering and expertise have gone into the design and development of the Aquabot Elite, providing you with a robotic pool cleaner that delivers a pristine clean every time.

Eliminate contaminants

The Elite Robotic Cleaner does more than just vacuum. It power scrubs your pool while sucking up loose dirt and debris for a thorough clean. Using the Elite means you’re getting rid of chlorine-resistant microbes like biofilm and other forms of algae. The Elite’s powerful brushes scrub every square inch of your pool, ensuring you have an enjoyable and clean experience.

Anti-tangle swivel

Since robotic pool cleaners turn over 300 times throughout a typical day, Aquabot provides a cable that swivels 360 degrees to avoid tangles. This development allows the robot to clean your pool unhindered, no how many twists and spins it needs to make. As a result, the Elite robotic cleaner can clean and scrub your pool with little to no human intervention required.

Microprocessor Control System

While some robotic pool cleaners wander aimlessly around your pool, the Elite’s control system means your robot will map out exactly where it’s been. This provides a more efficient cleaning and eliminates wasted time and energy. The Elite literally maps out the size and shape of your pool, avoiding obstacles, and providing a pleasant robot cleaning experience.

Jetforce Filter Cartridge

The Aquabot Elite filters using Jetforce technology use the venturi effect to separate debris and dirt from the water. As a result, the Elite has the ability to maintain a strong suction, even when cartridges are full of contaminants. Due to its shape, the filter forces debris to the cartridge bottom, and away from the natural path of the water.

New Smarter Design for Easy Handling

Now included with the Aquabot Elite is a mobile caddy, which gives you the ability to easily transport the device. You can detach or attach the Elite when you are ready to let it clean your pool, or when you’re ready to put it away. Aquabot’s ErgoGrip handle makes the Elite easy to carry as it’s designed to balance itself while you’re holding it.

Intelligent and Programmable

The Aquabot Elite gives you the power to control when and how your robot cleans. You can choose between cleaning modes of 1, 1.5, or 2 hours, and have the Elite clean every 2, 3, or 4 days. With a built-in timer, the Elite is customizable to fit your schedule, which gives you the flexibility to focus on what needs to be done.

Pros of the Aquabot Elite

  • Energy efficient
  • Excellent cleaning capabilities
  • Easy cartridge handling
  • Filters water down to two microns
  • Can handle pools of any shape

Cons of the Aquabot Elite

  • A little pricey
  • Remote costs extra
  • Wheels and rubber tracks come off

What Others Are Saying

Users of the Aquabot Elite robotic pool cleaner are split when reviewing the product. Half of the users boast that the Elite is a fantastic purchase, well worth the money, and does a fantastic job of tracking and mapping their pool. The anti-tangle cord and powerful scrubbing brushes are two points that users who like the Aquabot Elite robot cleaner are quick to point out.

However, there are many who have experienced several issues with the Aquabot Elite, most of which complain that the robot shuts off and quits working for no reason. Others state that the robot gets hung up on the pool drain or that the mapping technology did not work as expected.

Is the Aquabot Elite Right For You?

The Aquabot Elite is an advanced robotic pool cleaner, but unfortunately, customers are unsatisfied with their experience. Many complain that the Elite does not clean the waterline, stairs, and walls effectively. Others are frustrated that the wheels and rubber tracks on the robot not only come off easily, but are not easily repaired.

While the Aquabot Elite is designed to clean stairs and waterlines, users are having issues with the robot pool cleaner doing so. The scrubber located on the front of the Elite is used to scrub waterlines, however several users complained about the bushing coming loose in the roller, or the device just not pulling itself up to the waterline to get it clean.

It does have a three-year warranty, so if issues arise you have the option to replace the device, however the point is that you shouldn’t need to do so. Otherwise, you’ll need to find a local retailer to perform repairs for you.